Thursday, May 8, 2014

May 2014 update

Our wonderful kids. Watch out for Hailey though...she rules the roost!

What has happened since last July??? Let’s see…

First of all…..Our Spurs are in the playoffs again. Wahoo!!! Go Spurs Go!!!

In September and October 2013, Global Efficient Energy installed radiant barrier, solar attic fans, a solar panel, energy efficient lightbulbs & gaskets for us. We now have what is considered a “Green” home!

Several months ago, Rhett got some new callings. He is now the Scout Committee Chairman as well as the Deacon’s Quorum Assistant.

On Oct 15th, 2013 we went to a Bon Jovi Concert with our friends the Clayton’s & Przybyla’s and had a fabulous time!!!

On December 28th Rhett & I went to a Trans Siberian Orchestra concert. Rhett won tickets on the radio (of course) and it was the first time in years that their concert in San Antonio was NOT on a Sunday, so we could actually go!

On January 24th we celebrated Rhett's 41st Birthday!!!

On March 8th, 2014 Rhett and I moved into the world of technology and got iPhones!!! It helped that we were eligible for an upgrade (we had had our same old lame phones for about 5 years) and we got the new phones for only $.99 each. We are still learning to use them.

At the end of March, I was released as the Relief Society Secretary and called as the Visiting Teaching Coordinator…however, they still have not called a new Secretary, so I am still “acting” Secretary. Busy!!! Busy!!!

During Spring Break I started a painting project in Logan & Carson’s room. It involved removing wallpaper and popcorn ceiling, re-texturing the walls, painting (including wood paneling)….and I’m still not done. I kind of got sidetracked for a few weeks, but this weekend I’m getting back at it and I’m going to get it done asap!!!

After...but not quite finished yet

During the month of April, I decided to help a couple of friends out with some childcare in our home. A 4yr-old girl, 2 yr-old boy, 7 month-old girl, and a 6 month-old girl. Two of them came 5 days a week, the other two 2 days a week. That is in addition to my own 2 and 5 year olds every day. I have made some much needed extra money, but boy am I exhausted!!!

After several years of different parts of our home needing repair, and thanks to our tax refund this year, we finally are up and running again. We have desperately needed our fence replaced so that we don’t have to keep our dog chained up (she likes to get out…), so now we have a new fence! We were also able to replace our broken water softener, and most recently get our new garage door/opener installed. For the first time EVER living in this house, we can finally park in the garage!!!

This past weekend for me has been nonstop fun!!! My friend Sarah’s baby shower was on Friday, but some friends who had moved away all came into town for the fun event. It was a total surprise for her!!! We spent the weekend shopping, eating out, getting pedicures, and chatting til the wee hours of the morning…It was so fun while it lasted, but now I’m so far behind on my daily chores, and I’m sooooo tired!

In August, Austin participated in the North East Independent School District (NEISD) Teacher Convocation. He was the only student asked from his Middle School to participate in a short skit to precede the Superintendent’s speech. He was chosen because of his awesome acting abilities. He said it was no biggie to perform in front of 500+ teachers & administrators...yikes!

This past year, Austin chose to receive his Patriarchal Blessing, and on October 27th we were blessed to be able to accompany him to the home of Patriarch Hassell and hear him pronounce a beautiful blessing on our son. Austin is an amazing young man!

Austin participated again this year on his Middle School basketball team in November thru January. It is his favorite pastime and he tries really hard and gives it a great effort. It was fun to watch him play again.

Austin’s Advanced Theatre Arts class put on a play “Roomers” on December 6th. It’s always fun to see how much he gets into his character and how much he enjoys acting. He looks forward to enjoying it more next year when he’s in High School. Whoa! Did I just say High School…..? Aaaaahhh!!!

On April 9th Austin was again chosen by his team of teachers to be a “Driscoll Star”…someone who exhibits many wonderful qualities and is a great leader. Congrats! Most of his classes are Pre-AP or G/T, and he gets fabulous grades!

On April 12th Austin competed at a district-wide Speech Contest. He did a monologue, duet, and poetry reading, and came away with a plaque for Outstanding Performer.

On April 20th, Austin was released as the Deacon’s Quorum President and made the 1st Counselor. He has now served in every position in DQ except 2nd counselor.

On April 24th, Austin was inducted into the Driscoll chapter of the National Junior Honor Society. He just keeps continuing to amaze us!

In April, a piece of Austin’s art was chosen by his Art teacher to be in the District Art show. His Art teacher then entered him in the Junior Visual Art Scholastic Event (VASE) in May. Austin participated in this event with his chosen work of art, and came home with a blue ribbon award!

After several years of prodding from the Dentist, we finally took Logan to an Orthodontist in March to correct his Anterior Crossbite (underbite). We had heard different things of what may need to be done to fix this, however in the end all he needed was a retainer for several months to move his upper front teeth forward. We’re well on our way to fixing his unusual smile!

Logan continues to be a perfectionist. When he does something, he does it well. Each project is a work of art. You can’t tell him to do a quick project because it just can’t possibly happen. Homework is sometimes a chore…for me!

On March 24th we attended the NEISD Elementary Art Show, where Carson’s “hawk” that had been chosen by his teacher was on display. Usually the whole family is able to attend these, but for some reason this time it was just Carson & I who went. Which made it a whole lot cheaper to celebrate afterwards at Dairy Queen for a Blizzard!!!

On May 6th Carson participated in the Wetmore Elementary 2nd Grade program “School House Rock”. It was short and sweet and they all did a great job! Austin remembers doing this same program in 3rd grade, so he enjoyed singing along with the songs. This is a pic of the four 2nd graders from our ward at Wetmore Elementary. Andee, Chloe, Anna & Carson.

We celebrated Jackson's 5th Birthday on January 2nd. I can't believe he'll be going to Kindergarten this year!!! I'll miss my little buddy...

On February 14th, I took my two littlest Valentines, Jackson & Hailey to the Stock Show. They had such a fun time watching the pig races, riding the carousel, sitting on the (plastic) horse, and especially the awesome petting zoo. Afterwards, we stopped at Rhett’s work for lunch with my biggest Valentine.

On March 21st, Hailey was invited to her first Birthday Party… Kaylin’s Princess Party!!! We had lots of fun at Incredible Pizza eating food and playing, but the most fun we had was taking pictures in front of the awesome 50’s Chevy. People kept stopping us asking if they could take pictures because our “Princesses” were all so cute. Even the manager/owner took some…maybe they’ll show up on their website!

We took another trip to the beach, this time with Grandma Stewart. On Aug 7-8th we spent our time in Corpus Christi enjoying the sand, surf, food and another trip to the USS Lexington.

Halloween 2013
Austin - Tony Stark from Iron Man, Logan - Steve from Minecraft, Carson - Creeper from Minecraft, Jackson - Jack Jack O'lantern and Hailey - Pirate Princess

Grandma S. came again in December for a month-long visit. We enjoyed shopping for Christmas, birthday lunches, and included a trip to Houston to visit the LDS Temple and the Johnson Space Center.

Christmas Morning, in Christmas PJ's!

For the second or third year in a row, we took Grandma to Monster Jam on January 11th. It was just as fun as ever, and the kids all love it every year. We even took Hailey this time!

Our Family Cover Photo is from Easter 2014

On April 25-26 we took our first Texas Camping trip. We were planning to go to a State Park, but they were all booked, so we ended up at a nice campground with bathrooms/showers, swimming pool, playground, mini golf, basketball court, tetherball, dog park, water and electricity, etc…all right next to the San Marcos River. It was the first time for all of us ever seeing fireflies! Carson even caught one. We went with 3 families from our ward and had such an amazing time that we decided to make it an annual event.

Long story short, the Home Owners Association board decided to not let us have a swim team this year….so we went team shopping! Our boys are now Northern Hills Nadadores. We are hoping to resolve the issues with the HOA for next year, but are excited for a new team, coaches, pool, experience and getting to know some new friends. Swim season has begun!